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Located in south east Oakville and steps away from lake Ontario within 10 minutes walking.

3D Modeling and Visualization Artist: Hesam Mohsenpour

Meeting Assistant: Sepide Razi

Designer: Bijan Zamani

Owner: Zamani Homes


A 3D modeling and photo realistic rendering of a project is developed in software. This 3D model is then imaged after creating the right texture, lighting, and shadows to make the images look very natural. 

With photo realism, graphic designers have access to the right set of tools. A design is a photo doubled to create a life-like image. 

Photo-realistic rendering is highly driven by the real lights that create the actual shapes and textures when the 3D design is photographed. 

Shader is a complicated element of photo-realistic rendering. To overshadow the complications, lights, shadows, and textures can be used rightly.

Elements like reflections and wire color are among the list of elements that makes photo-realistic images look closer to life-like images.

It is very important to use the rightly scaled elements in the image. If the objects are not rightly scaled, even the best lights and shadows will not make a life-like image.

The photo-realistic rendering finds its use in multiple industries like real-estate, interior design, augmented reality and scientific discoveries.

So, effectively, photo-realistic rendering architecture is the art of developing real-life images of the projects created by 3D visualization.

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it's a little detail that are vital. little things make big things happen. 
different between something good and great is attention to details.

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