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The team of artists and technicians at Samtrendture are off-the-charts talented. We are a firm of experienced professionals offering comprehensive services in architecture, interior design and all municipal  approvals to residential, commercial, and institutional clients in Ontario.

The still images and fully rendered animations that emerge out of this full-service visualization firm are simply breath taking. we help architects and designers imagine their designs in glorious life-like presentations that do better to show you the purpose behind a design than the actual building might. 

Emphasis is placed on service to our clients. We are familiar with participating as a team member and providing limited services on a project. Projects are executed with a commitment to quality designed with a disciplined approach to project constraints and clients needs. Emphasis is placed on providing the required and appropriate services as determined by each individual projects needs.

In addition to extensive experience in all the architectural processes from programming to construction observation, Samtrendture  is actively involved in providing clients with the following services:

  • Architecture

  • Interior Design

  • Residential Design

  • Virtual Tour

  • Realistic Renderings

  • Animation


Hesam Mohsenpour
Founder and Creative Director
intern Architect


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